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Re: RFS: nautilus-image-manipulator

Hi Julien,

2011/5/1 Julien Valroff <julien@debian.org>:
>> Could one of you please review the latest changes in my package?
> I reviewed your package yesterday and was testing it.


> As for the packaging itself, I would still clean rules file by removing
> unneeded `find…' call and the override_dh_auto_build

I removed override_dh_auto_build. However, I believe the 'find…' is
needed because it removes the empty
"/usr/share/omf/nautilus-image-manipulator" directory that gets
created by python-distutils-extra. I thus left it.

> I would change the section of the package to gnome from graphics.


> Also, it might be good to add a note somewhere stating that nautilus should
> be restarted after the package was installed (and explain what the user
> should do) - this is from my experience with nautilus-open-terminal.

Indeed, Nautilus needs to be restarted (which by the way is not handy
when developing). Where should I add such a note? I see none such note
in the description of nautilus-open-terminal.

> The rest seems OK.
> As for the application itself: what features does it bring compared to
> nautilus-image-converter? Sending by email can already be done by
> nautilus-sendextension.

Actually sending the resized images by email is a feature that's not
yet implemented. The only option to send for now is to send it to a
remote file hosting site, which is not supported by
nautilus-image-converter. Other features is zipping the resized
images, and putting in subfolders. These are the features I
concentrated on to get the first release out. More will follow.

> Have you tried and talk with nautilus-image-converter upstream developer? It
> might be a good idea to improve existing code rather than starting a new
> project.

I haven't. I studied nautilus-image-converter's source code before
starting any development, and concluded that I didn't want to do any
coding in C. And just reporting a feature request wasn't going to get
the job done ;)
This is like a rewrite of nautilus-image-converter in Python, with
additional features. It's a work in progress, meaning that not all of
nautilus-image-converter's features have been implemented yet, in
particular rotating images.

> I have also noticed a behaviour which should be changed: when resizing a
> small image to a greater size, it gets actually resized (ie. a 500x500
> picture is resized to eg. 768x768). I would expect the pictures to be
> resized to smaller size only if the aim is to reduce their weight so that
> they can easily be sent eg. by email.

Actually that's a feature, not a bug. I explicitly allow to resize up
to 200% (if you use the scaling option) to accommodate some users
wanting to increase the height and width of the images. If someone
expresses that need, I'm OK with allowing them to do it even if it
degrades the quality of the images...

> You should add a warning when the 'resize in place' option is used: this
> option used without caution can cause data loss.

I've file a bug [0] against upstream (well, basically me) to get that
added. AFAIK nautilus-image-converter has no warning of such either,
so that would be an extra feature ;)

Please review the updated package.


P.S.: Please CC me since I'm not subscribed to the mentors list.

[0] https://bugs.launchpad.net/nautilus-image-manipulator/+bug/774864

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