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bt747: doubts on licenses and embedded libraries


I am working on packaging a Java application called BT747 [0]. For now,
I have some doubts (I think I'll have more in the future ;-)):

* Licenses: this package has quite a lot of licenses, one of the
licenses is GPL (without the version). Is it a problem? The exact header

 * Copyright by Christof Dallermassl.
 * This program is free software and licensed under GPL.
 * Modifications for BT747 by Mario De Weerd

* Embedded libraries: I get some of them out because they are already in
Debian but some of them are not in Debian. I supose I must get these
libraries from its original source and pack them as different
packages... am I right?

The libraries that are not in Debian are: 

   - jchart2d: oh! I just see there is an ITP for this :-) [1]
   - sanselan [2].

* Embedded modified libraries: this is the BIG doubt. This package uses
a library called swingx-ws, but BT747 uses a modified version (which is
redistributed). I think I have 2 options:

   1.- Pack it separately like an external and independent library.

   2.- Make that my source package provides two binary packages: one
with the program and another one with this modified library.

But maybe there is another option that I don't know. What is the usual
way to do in this cases?

By the way, as you can see in my ITP, I made a "home-made" repo with
this package (if you want to take a look, feel free to do it). I must
advertise that right now there are embedded libraries.

Thanks at advance for your help :-)

[0] http://bugs.debian.org/533589
[1] http://bugs.debian.org/626243
[2] http://commons.apache.org/sanselan/

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