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Re: RFS: socketcan-utils

On 30.05.2011 09:16, Markus Becker wrote:


>> (FYI: the PEAK driver is now maintained by Stephane Grosjean)
> In the socketcan repository? Or in the kernel? Peak had indicated that they 
> wanted to work with upstream.

Yes. We had a discussion about that topic on Embedded World fair 2011 in
Nuremburg. Currently Stephane is consolidating the current driver and adds the
support for the USBpro hardware. I've recommended to support the PEAK HW in
Linux mainline and add some kind of chardev emulator that makes use of the
PF_CAN framework inside the kernel ... but let's see.

> Do you have contact information? If so, you can send me the details privately. 

Will do.


>> Please omit the socketcan-driver package idea. The BerliOS SVN is only used
>> for some staging drivers, supporting of outdated kernels and development of
>> new network layer protocols. The Linux Mainline kernel contains the
>> up-to-date CAN drivers. Mixing the socketcan/trunk/kernel/2.6/... with
>> mainline kernel stuff leads to some problems, you won't like so solve ;-)
> Well, we explicitly need isotp, which is not included in stock debian images. 
> That's actually the reason for creating the images. Any idea of how to get 
> Linux mainline isotp kernel module into the Debian kernel?

My problem is, that we're using my isotp stuff for many purposes for more than
two years now. I'm not far from sending a patch on netdev-ML - but i'm still
missing some feedback from isotp-users (like you), if they think the protocol
and it's API are mature enough for mainline ... is it?

> Of course one needs to rmmod all CAN kernel modules and load the appropriate 
> svn ones.
> I would prefer to put an explicit warning into the package description.

Better we get isotp into mainline :-)

Did you also work with cangw ?

> BTW: Is there a CAN git repository, which is fed into net-next-2.6?

No. The change rate is that low, that DaveM handles the CAN
(driver/networklayer) stuff on a patch base (supported by patchwork
http://patchwork.ozlabs.org/project/netdev/list/ )

>> I've just googled for you as i've seen your commits to the "PEAK-System
>> Linux driver packaging" from Teemu Ikonen.
> Sometime back I announced this also on the socketcan mailing list, but did not 
> get any feedback.

Hm - sorry for that.

Best regards,

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