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Re: RFS: bubblemon (updated package)

  Hi Jakub

On Sun, 15 May 2011 03:15:12 +0200, Jakub wrote:

> I won't sponsor your package, as I'm not a GNOME user, so I'm not
> really qualified (BTW, did you try to contact your previous sponsor?),

(No, I haven't - it came about in a roundabout way; I had a contact with
someone who doesn't use Gnome either, who was nice enough to ask someone
who does to do the upload, so it was kind of "second hand".)

> but here's my quick review:

Thanks for doing the review nonetheless!

>> The package appears to be lintian clean (there is a single warning
>> about the sh locale translation).

> If you enable displaying experimental tags, there is one more:

> X: bubblemon: duplicate-files usr/share/doc/bubblemon/NEWS.gz usr/share/doc/bubblemon/changelog.gz

> ...which should be trivial to fix.

Ah, I hadn't noticed the experimental option; I will remove the NEWS

> The one you mentioned is:

> W: bubblemon: unknown-locale-code sh

> This one is tad harder. If I understand it correctly, "sh" is a
> deprecated language code for Serbo-Croatian. You could install this
> language file as "sr@latin", "hr", or both. (I hope there's at least
> one -mentors@ reader from Serbia or Croatia who'll correct me if I'm
> talking nonsense.)

Yes, I tried searching for the correct way to handle this, but didn't
find anything conclusive.

Changing stuff that involves countries and languages can be sensitive,
so I didn't feel it would be good to change it without a clear answer.

> Looking at your changelog:

> - Changes to debian/control and debian/copyright are not documented.

Ah, you are right. I didn't think of them as newsworthy. Thanks for
catching them.

> - The item about new upstream release could be improved a bit. "New
> upstream release. (Closes: #567423, #625314)" could make people think
> that there were two bugs requesting a new upstream release... which is
> obviously not the case here.

Oh, ah. Yes, you're right, I didn't think of it that way.

> How about being more explicit? E.g. you could use something like this:

> | * New upstream release.
> |   + Update Portugese translation (closes: #567423). Thanks to Américo
> |     Monteiro for the patch.
> |   + Fix FTBFS with GCC 4.6 (closes: #625314). Thanks to Matthias Klose
> |     for the bug report.

I guess I was too focused on debian/changelog being about changes to the
packaging and not to the software itself. I agree it is much nicer to
include information about what the closed bugs were; thanks.

Should I summarize the rest of the changes to the software as well?

I feel a little awkward about thanking the translator and bug-reporter,
though, because their contributions have been integrated by upstream and
not by me, rendering my thanking them a hollow gesture.

But if that is the common procedure, I will of course do so.

Thanks again for the review and suggestions - I have updated the package
on mentors.debian.net now.

  Best regards,


 "Sunday morning when the rain begins to fall                 Adam Sjøgren
  It's the end of the world"                             asjo@koldfront.dk

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