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Re: RFS: squidguard (updated package, RC bug fix)

On Sun, May 29, 2011 at 05:02:16PM +0200, Joachim Wiedorn wrote:

> Also done.

Shame on me but I missed two other things, I would've commited them to the
collab-maint repo but that seems to still miss the the changes in the

* I see no reason for urgency=high here. There are no security fixes
  and we're not in the middle of the release process. So urgency=low should
  be used.

* Vcs-Browser should point to the gitweb frontend and not to the http
  access for the git repository itself. So in this case this should be

And a minor one from lintian pedantic checks:
squidguard.config uses /bin/sh -e instead of set -e.

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