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Junior packaging tasks within the Debian Printing Team

Dear prospective maintainers, 

As packaging in teams and work on specific areas of Debian is often (and 
rightly so) preferred to one-shot pet-package sponsoring, I would like to 
propose 4 "relatively easy" packaging tasks.

The global goal of those packaging tasks are:
 * to make sure Debian provides more printer drivers
   (this eliminates the need for hand-installation of drivers)
 * to offer low-barrier entry-points for newcomers to packaging;
 * to get new blood onboard the Debian Printing Team and in Debian in general.

For all the following packages; those are the common tasks:

 * Make sure to have an ITP filed, and have the eventual RFPs renamed
 * Check their DFSG-freeness.
 * Packages have to be checked against latest Policy, so eventually updated.
   (lintian -ivI --pedantic with explained and reasonable exceptions is a good
 * Packaging is preferably done in git, under collab-maint. Bonus points if
   the history of the package is reflected in the packaging repository.
   (master/upstream/pristine-tar git workflow is preferred).

=== Merge two drivers back to Debian === 

Currently, two drivers have been available in Ubuntu but got never synced to 


For these two, the following additional tasks have to be handled (first):
 * Contact the current Ubuntu maintainers to ask them if they would be
   interested in (co-)maintaining the package directly in Debian.

=== Package two drivers for Debian ===

Currently, two drivers have been added to recent new foomatic-db entries:


For those, the packaging has to be done from scratch.

=== Feedback and upload ===

For those 4 packages, I will happily provide feedback on packaging techniques, 
processes, etc. More globally, I will make sure to mentor the person taking 
the challenge and guide him/her until the package gets out of NEW (including 
sponsoring the package; of course). I will also happily mentor and sponsor 
subsequent uploads of those packages.

=== Candidate ? ===

Anyone willing to get involved in making Debian better on the long term 
(having DM and/or DD statuses in sight is good), ready to maintain said 
packages on the long-term, with reasonable preliminary knowledge of the Debian 
Policy, packaging techniques and git usage can apply.

(If you think you don't qualify, then don't be shy and apply anyway!)

A candidate owning or having access to a printer needing the given driver is a 
big bonus; of course.

Please answer to debian-printing@lists.debian.org mentioning the package(s) 
you would like to care about and/or talk to me over IRC in #debian-printing on 

Looking forward for collaboration, cheers,


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