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Re: RFS: haskell-qt

On Friday, 27. May 2011. 0.12.12 Sune Vuorela wrote:
> "gui library" is definately wrong if it binds everything. Qt4 frameworks
> or Qt4 Libraries or ... somtehnig like that. And maybe you even want, if
> possible to split at least the non-dev stuff in a per library package.
> (so that simple gui apps doesn't pull in sql things, a web engine and
> ...)

> please consider splitting it.

Yes, it is split. The qws library part (I renamed it into libhaskell-qt to 
remove all misunderstandings) provides only .so libraries, and include files 
are used only internaly. Haskell imports the libraries by importing the 
methods it needs (like this, for example: foreign import ccall 

> btw, are the bindings based on the smoke library or ?

No. I have no idea what the bindings are based on.
> is it qreal float vs double safe?

As far as I know (or can see), the bindings treat qreal as double. Since 
Haskell doesn't run on Symbian, WinCE nor arm, I don't see that as a big 

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