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Menu question: Sound Application

Dear Mentors

I am packaging jampal.

This is a sound related application for organizing mp3 files. It should
go in the appropriate menu. According to the menu standards (
http://www.debian.org/doc/packaging-manuals/menu-policy/ch2.html ) the
approved menu is

Sound players, editors, and rippers/recorders.
Examples: beep-media-player, grip, audacity

However, I have downloaded and installed the latest version of Debian,
and there is no Applications/Sound menu but there is Applications/Sound
& Video containing the sound players editors and recorders.

If I use "Applications/Sound & Video" it is against the policy and
lintian also complains that it is against the policy.

Am I missing something here? If I use "Applications/Sound" according to
standards and lintian the menu structure will be wrong I think, since it
is not set up that way in Debian.


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