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RFS: JLDrill


I am not a Debian developer.  I am the author of a tool for studying
Japanese called JLDrill.  I am looking for a sponsor to include it
into Debian.

Name: JLDrill
License: GPL3 with a provision to allow for GPL2 distribution.
Description: Japanese language drill program
     JLDrill is a program for helping people drill various aspects of
the Japanese language. Current features include a unique spaced
repetition drill function, a dictionary cross reference tool, Tanaka
corpus collocation lookup, and a kanji reference with stroke order

    It is similar to other spaced repetition software packages like
Anki or Mnemosyne, but provides tools specific for studying Japanese.
The spaced repetition algorithm is also not derived from Super Memo
like Anki and Mnemosyne, but is unique and solves problems of short
term memory acquisition, automatic grading of item difficulty and
ability to deal with inconsistent review schedules.

  JLDrill has been in development for about 5 years and has undergone
slow but steady development.  I believe it will make a good entry for
Debian since other spaced repetition software programs do not offer
specific language study features.  Similarly, Japanese language study
programs do not offer spaced repetition drill features.  Combining the
two dramatically reduces the amount of "busy work" that is required
when doing self-study.  My motivation for asking for inclusion is that
my users are requesting it.

  I have made a lintian clean debian package available here:

  The main web page for JLDrill is here:

  JLDrill is written completely in ruby with no extensions.  It uses
ruby-gtk2, edict and the kanjistrokeorders font.  I'm afraid that I
have no idea how to package a ruby project properly, so there are
likely to be problems with my debian package.  I would be happy to
follow any advice anyone has.

  One more quick issue is with the licensing of the drills/information
that I am including at the moment.  I've kept careful track of
everything and I think the things I am including in the debian file
are correct, but it if someone could check it over I would be really

   Thank you for your consideration
           Mike Charlton

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