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Request for sponsor: mactelnet


I sent a RFS for a new package: mactelnet late February, but I have
got no fish on the hook yet :/

I would really like for a DD to look at my package, and be my sponsor,
as I am eager to begin as an active package maintainer. This is
hopefully the first of many to come.

About the package:
mactelnet is a telnet like terminal client that uses UDP packets
addressed to the MAC address of the telnet server. This is to be able
to telnet the server, even when it is not configured with an IP
address, or if you don't remember it.
The protocol is a proprietary protocol for RouterOS, which is also the
reason for this package. There is a lot of RouterOS users around the
world, and they have to use Windows to connect to their RouterOS
device if they are going to telnet it via MAC. (for example for

This package gives you both a mactelnet client, and a mactelnetd
server, so you can have all your linux and routeros devices reachable
via mac addresses. It also uses a simpler version of CDP called MNDP
(Mikrotik Network Discovery Protocol) to announce mactelnet server
So you can list servers on the local network using the included mndp
discovery client.

To test the binaries in this package, you need two (virtual or not)
computers with Linux, that you can try to telnet to/from. (Or if you
happen to have a Microtik RouterOS device (RouterBoard device), you
could connect to/from this)

The mactelnetd daemon is of course disabled by default, especially
since the nature of the password handshake of the protocol needs you
to save your passwords in clear-text.

For more information:
  ITP: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=615823
  RFS: http://lists.debian.org/debian-mentors/2011/02/msg00489.html
  Source: http://mentors.debian.net/debian/pool/main/m/mactelnet

I've also made a wireshark dissector for mactelnet, so there is also
more info on their wiki:

Håkon Nessjøen

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