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Re: RFS: tartarus

Dies schrieb Arno Töll (debian@toell.net):

> * You bundle a Perl module in your source tarball. Please package this
> separately.

Even if the perl module is only used by the scripts packaged? I created
the module when several programs used the same functions and configuration
data, so I am not sure whether a dedicated perl package is really that useful.

> * Your original source tarball did not match the package source
> directory you use to produce the package from. This resulted in a
> quilt/3.0 changes patch in patches/debian-changes-0.9.8-1. Please update
> your source tarball accordingly and re-upload.

This is probably glitch in the git-buildpackage configuration, repackaging
should fix that.

> * You install man pages through dh_installman, but they belong to the
> upstream part of your package. Please consider writing an install target
> upstream for them.
> * You don't have an install target at all in your upstream package,
> eventually you want to add that instead of relying to various debhelper.

I'll think about adding that, thank you.

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