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Re: [uploaded] Re: RFS: mangler (2nd try)

> I uploaded the package (it isn't picked up by Debian machinery yet
> though, some temporary problem there), it will go throught NEW queue.
> Thanks for the contribution to Debian! You may contact me directly for
> the future updates of this package.

All right, thank you!

> I also didn't say in my previous mail that I highly prefer bumping Debian
> revision after each review, so there are no two different trees under
> the same Debian version ever.

Another DD I had worked with specifically asked me not to bump the
Debian revision for a package which hasn't been uploaded yet (and for
which I asked her to sponsor). I'm indifferent to either way though,
so for future Mangler sponsorship requests, I'll keep your preferences
in mind.

> And, some suggestions for the future uploads:
> 1) -dev packages don't need ${shlibs:Depends}, it can be removed

Duly noted, and will be fixed in a future upload.

> 2) as libventrilo3/codec-test were removed, the section in debian/copyright
> about some of files under that directory can be removed as well.

Noted as well.

- Vincent

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