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RFS: fetchmail-6.3.19 backport to Lenny


I'm looking for a sponsor for a backport of fetchmail-6.3.19-1 to
Debian Lenny.  The main reason for the backport is to forestall at
least the very first requirement of the upstream fetchmail maintainers
when problems are reported - "upgrade to the latest version" :)

There are two binary packages:
fetchmail  - SSL enabled POP3, APOP, IMAP mail gatherer/forwarder
fetchmailconf - fetchmail configurator

The package is available at mentors.d.n:

I first sent this as a request for review to the pkg-fetchmail alioth
list (the maintainers of the Debian fetchmail package) -
There were no concerns or objections raised, and Nico Golde seems to
approve of the idea, as expressed in his reply -

I would be glad if someone could find a couple of minutes to review
the trivial changes needed for the backport (just roll back the
dh_python2 transition) and upload this package for me.


Peter Pentchev	roam@ringlet.net roam@FreeBSD.org peter@packetscale.com
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