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Re: RFS: retext

On Sun, May 08, 2011 at 02:39:26PM +0200, Alessandro Ghedini wrote:
> On Sun, May 08, 2011 at 01:16:27PM +0200, Fabrizio Regalli wrote:
> > On '--pedantic' check:
> > 
> > 
> > P: retext: no-upstream-changelog
> > - it would be better to create it (if it's possibile)
> No, it's not. If an upstream changelog is not present, you can contact
> upstream and ask if she can provide one, but it's not mandatory. Also,
> repacking the upstream tarball to add one is not the way to solve this :)
> Few other notes:
> * debian/copyright: 
>   - you may convert the copyright file to use the DEP5 machine-readable 
>     format [0] (and probably you may also want to update the dh-make 
>     package to the latest version is Sid :) ).
> * debian/changelog: 
>   - since this is the first version of the package there's no need to list 
>     all the changes you have done there (it's enough a "Initial upload").
>   - the first upload should close an ITP bug. refer to [1] for more info.
> * debian/rules: 
>   - most of the dh_install command can be replaced by entries in a 
>     debian/retext.install and debian/retext-wpgen.install files.
>     see dh_install(1) for more info.
>   - the docs are better installed by dh_installdocs. you may add a 
>     debian/<package name>.docs file containing "docs/". see 
>     dh_installdocs(1) for more info
>   - same for the manpages. see dh_installman(1)
>   - the compression of the files should be managed by dh_compress(1) (if 
>     you follow the previous two hints this is done automatically).
>   - you may use python2 to build and install python software.
>     add --with python2 to the dh line and Build-Depends on python-all.
> * debian/patches: 
>   - there's no need to add the additional files with a patch (e.g. the 
>     manpages). you can put them under debian/ and install them from there.
> * debian/control: 
>   - no need to Build-Depends on libqtcore4, python-qt4 is enough.
>   - since this is the first upload to Debian there's no need to Breaks on
>     previous package versions.
>   - no need to Depends on python, ${python:Depends} is enough if you are
>     using python2 in the rules file.
>   - the Vcs-* tags are meant for the repository where the Debian packages
>     are maintained, not for the upstream repository.
>   - dunno why Priority is extra, optional should be enough
>   - no need to Build-Depends on gzip.
> That's all for now, but there may be other things that I overlooked.
> Note that I am not a DD hence I can't upload your package.

Another nice thing would be to have a debian/watch file. See uscan(1).


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