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Re: Junior packaging tasks within the Debian Printing Team

On Mon, May 30, 2011 at 01:50:09PM +0200, Didier Raboud wrote:
> Dear prospective maintainers, 
> As packaging in teams and work on specific areas of Debian is often (and 
> rightly so) preferred to one-shot pet-package sponsoring, I would like to 
> propose 4 "relatively easy" packaging tasks.

I'd also like to mention that if you're interested in printing, the
"gutenprint" printer drivers are also looking for a new maintainer
(or at the very least, additional team members).  If you're interested
in inkjet printing, and have access to an inkjet printer for testing,
new contributions would be most welcome.

I'll be available to give any help and assistance, having been the
primary maintainer for quite a number of years, but no longer having
an inkjet printer.


  .''`.  Roger Leigh
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