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Re: New Backup Application

Il giorno ven, 20/05/2011 alle 10.47 +1200, Paul Reddy ha scritto:
> [...]
> [I hope this is the right group. Apologies if not]
> I've built a reasonably comprehensive backup and disaster recovery app, and am looking for some help on the next steps, the first of which I believe is to find a mentor/sponsor from this group.
> (I can hear the groans from here - yet another backup app). 
> However, this is the first one that met all my criteria for a decent backup app:
> - simple to use, with nice UI.
> - multiple backup configs to multiple locations (e.g. music backed up differently to docs)
> - supports cloud storage (DropBox for example) 
> - auto splits for FAT file systems (with 2G file limits)
> - encryption out of the box using openssl for storage and transports
> - every backup storage location includes a completely self contained GUI disaster recovery program
> - auto-management of storage space
> - good management of encryption keys (as good as you can be without proper OS support).
> - slick recovery UI
> ... and much more.
> Its currently got a setup.py and a .deb, documentation (which gets installed in the
> proper place), and is internationalized (but does not have any other translations). It was developed using wxPython.
> So... is there anyone out there interested in this project as a sponsor/mentor.

All Scott answered is valid. I think it is fair to add that if you want
to make people interested in ((helping) packaging) your project,
mentioning the name and a website/code repository address seems to be a
good move.

(more OT, so if you're interested let's continue the discussion
http://www.pietrobattiston.it/wiki/comparison_of_backup_softwares is
curious too)

Pietro Battiston

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