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Re: Library Question

On Sun, May 8, 2011 at 5:42 PM, Rainer Dorsch <rdorsch@web.de> wrote:

> No, navit is a third party application, which I want to package on maemo.
> Nokia does not ship any version of Navit (they ship the proprietary OVI maps).
> Freetype belongs to the core system which is shipped by Nokia, which I do not
> want to change, since I fear that it breaks other stuff. But applying the patch
> in question specifically, I might consider it as an option...
> Yes, I understand, Debian would not introduce such a hack (although e.g. libdb
> comes in a number of versions, libdb4.7, libdb4.8, libdb5.0,...). But I am
> more looking for a tactical short term solution on which I can iterate  and
> improve (e.g. why should I replace the Nokia freetype, when I do not yet know,
> that this would fix the problem....).

Yeah, this situation is similar to backporting.

If you are unable to workaround the freetype bug in navit or use an
older version of navit that works with that version of freetype, then
try this:

Since the ABI is the same for both versions of freetype, I would
suggest introducing a libfreetype6-navit package that contains the
newer freetype library in a private directory and adding an rpath to
navit pointing at that directory:


This is better than static linking since you can upgrade
libfreetype6-navit separately to navit.

> Cool, I was not aware of this effort. If GPS and modem support will be added,
> the have a usable base system, I am really impressed of this effort :-)
> The biggest challenge are probably the missing hardware drivers (which
> prohibit e.g. to update the maemo distribution with new kernels).

In addition the freesmartphone.org distribution SHR (based on
OpenEmbedded) has a port to the N900 (in the early stages):


There is also an Android port:




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