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[no subject] Re: (solved) how to roll back to jessie (solved) Re: how to roll back to jessie Re: 4.12 won't wake from sleep Cyber/ Network Security Software’s Users Email List Fwd: La franchise n'a jamais été mauvaise Celine Re: Je suis là, et j'attends... Laurie Re: Je veux me réjouir comme une reine. Camille Re: N’hésites pas de commencer une conversation avec moi Coline Re: [Multiarch] armhf on arm64 is not working Re: [sane-devel] Compatibility of the Irisscan executive 4 scanner [Semi-OT] samba [SOLVED] : Re: Help! jessie -> stretch upgrade problems Re: [solved] no sound on Lenovo Ideapad 110 [SOLVED] Re: Splitting MP3 files (again) Re:[Solved] youtube error msg & html5 About installation issue Actually, it was STUPID, not weird (cross-posted to Tomcat and Debian Lists): my BROWSER CACHES never got flushed! Re: Android Studio and AVDs An answer to "Gave up waiting for suspend/resume device" Apache2 serves .html, but not .zip Apache2 SSI Includes not Working apt problem Archnosh 1.35 networking Blank screen bug blocked update: Berkeley database utitility Bluetooth mouse disconnect while laptop runs with cell BOINC Screensaver Re: Btrs vs ext4. Which one is more reliable? Buster SSH Can't find ip addresses of devices on LAN Can't find the DNS Servers Cannot switch to Chinese Input Method with fcitx after upgrading to Debian Buster cgi and bash Command to track real-time output of mounted devices? Compatibility of the Irisscan executive 4 scanner Re: Computer friendly blood pressure? Correction, Re: failure of cheese with a Microsoft LifeCam NX-6000 A custom installer - was [Installing the installer] custom keyboard layout - select and middle-click paste in xterm -lc dd to clone a drive Re: De openhartigheid was nooit jammer Sandra Debian 9 bluetooth fails worked on Debian 8 (firmware) bluetooth hci0: firmware: failed to load brcm/BCM20702A1-0b05-17cf.hcd Debian 9 static IP [Failed:] messages at boot? Debian 9.1.0 Debian Stretch CheeseV-9.1.0 Sound Problem Re: Debian Stretch doesn't boot without Monitor Re: Debian v9 it's a stretch Debian-installer with preseed file without access to Internet Re: debian-user-digest Digest V2017 #975 Re: debian-user-digest Digest V2017 #989 Debian9 just showing me black screen after grub. dirs mirror Disable search as you type in Nautilus disk partitioners vs disk with 2048 byte phusical sectors Editing /etc/apt/sources.list breaks update Editor survival [Was: Recommended editor for novice programmers?] Re: Encrypted RAID1 for storage with Debian Stretch estou a tua espera external USB hard drive mount permissions Re: Face header and Thunderbird Face header and Thunderbird (was: Re: LibreOffice, missing bits) failure of cheese with a Microsoft LifeCam NX-6000 Finding the appropriate manpage [Re: Can't find the DNS Servers] Re: firmware-linux-nonfree needed? (was Stretch and i3-7300T) Freeze while typing decryption password at boot getting conky transparency to work with different desktops when autostarted getting mail from Exchange/Outlook gnome 3 vnc gnupg gui / codecrypt Good day granting permission for using debian name in education purpose hddtemp for Seagate backup plus hdparm reporting a different serial number Re: Help with install of debian stretch Help! jessie -> stretch upgrade problems Helping Debian Astro 1.0 Spread Their Word hibernate uses a wrong UUID Re: HNI Email List How do I boot a Debian 9.1.0 amd64 iso from GRUB? How do I get Tomcat 8.5? Re: I just installed "tomcat8" and "tomcat8-admin" on a Debian 8.9 box, via an apt-get How to change the console font? how to check GCC default C standard Re: How to Keep Track of Changes to the System how to roll back to jessie How to Turn Off Autodiscovered Printers in Firefox? How to use zram ? I already had wrote into here Re: I just installed "tomcat8" and "tomcat8-admin" on a Debian 8.9 box, via an apt-get I may not mount usb-stick, Icons for mount points (Continuing with configuring our "new" Debian server iinet modem, esternal usb hdd image created by debootstrap does not work in /etc/network/interfaces: "auto" vs "allow-hotplug" Re: in /etc/network/interfaces: "auto" vs "allow-hotplug" Install Debian 9.1 stretch on Pentium II system: pata_hpt3x2n required? Install on hp-pavilion-g6-2100 stops at 98% The last update was on 22:01 GMT Mon Dec 21. There are 1164 messages. Page 1 of 3.

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