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Re: Debian v9 it's a stretch

tony mollica <tjm3@threedogs.net> writes:

> This fresh install of Stretch has given me network problems, slow
> display to the point of having to wait for a mouse click or wheel
> movement to take effect along with some other less important changes
> that needed to be disabled, bypassed or otherwise massaged to work.

Which are the bug reports in the Debian BTS that describe these problems

Since you're able to describe them, presumably you want them to be
investigated and fixed.

> Comparatively, Jessie was blazingly fast and problem free on the exact
> same hardware and I don't find any indications of what's holding up
> the show.

To allow the maintainers of the specific Debian packages that you find
to be slow, to investigate the problem to find the fault, you (as the
only person with first-hand experience of these particular problems)
need to describe the specifics in bug reports to the Debian BTS.

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