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Re: Install on hp-pavilion-g6-2100 stops at 98%

Le 03/09/2017 à 10:28, Dominique Dumont a écrit :

sudo dd if=./debian-9.1.0-amd64-netinst.iso of=/dev/disk1 bs=1m

Shouldn't that be:
sudo dd if=./debian-9.1.0-amd64-netinst.iso of=/dev/disk bs=1m

Assuming disk naming is the same on Mac compared to Debian, you've written the
iso image in the first partition (/dev/disk1) instead of writing it to the
device (/dev/disk).

I don't know if both name the volumes the same way. Looking at this with a command that lists the volumes, I have this

➜  ~ diskutil list
/dev/disk0 (internal, physical):
   #:                       TYPE NAME               SIZE       IDENTIFIER
   0:      GUID_partition_scheme                    *1.0 TB     disk0
   1:                        EFI EFI                209.7 MB   disk0s1
   2:                  Apple_HFS 999                999.3 GB   disk0s2
   3:                 Apple_Boot Recovery HD        650.0 MB   disk0s3

/dev/disk1 (external, physical):
   #:                       TYPE NAME               SIZE       IDENTIFIER
   0:     Apple_partition_scheme                    *16.0 GB    disk1
   1:        Apple_partition_map                    4.1 KB     disk1s1
   2:                  Apple_HFS                    426.0 KB   disk1s2

First impression I have is that /dev/disk (as you propose) does not exists. Am I right?

Thanks for your answer.


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