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Re: how to roll back to jessie

On 03-09-17, Brian wrote:
> On Sun 03 Sep 2017 at 10:56:59 +0000, Long Wind wrote:
> > i had installed jessie a long time agotoday i run command "apt-get
> > update"and "apt-get install ..."a lot of packages upgraded then I find
> > that sources.list is pointed to stablewhich means stretchclearly this
> > is not the correct way to upgrade to stretchand some programs do not
> > work now i want to go back to jessiewhat should i do? Thanks!
> I do not think you can and have never seen an account of its being done
> successfully.
> -- 
> Brian.

Well, some claimed that it worked. Like, change sources lists, pin
packages to version you want to downgrade to, apt-get update && apt-get
upgrade, apt-get dist-upgrade and then purge misbehaving packages. And
after that another dist-upgrade. But, not sure that it will work every
time, never did it personally nor seen someone really doing it. Plus I
do not understand need for that. Just backup your data, get selection of
manually installed packages with apt-mark, or with aptitude, install
Jessie and backup your data, then use apt-mark and apt-get to install
those packages. It is much safer approach to solving that problem.

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