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Re: disk partitioners vs disk with 2048 byte phusical sectors

On Wed 27 Sep 2017 at 13:14:41 (-0400), Gene Heskett wrote:
> Here's what I found that worked after wiping the part table out:
> fdisk
> o
> w
> which made and wrote an empty dos part table.
> then
> sfdisk /dev/sda
> , 1G
> , 8G
> ,
> write
> Which made a 1G boot partition, an 8G destined to be swap, and the rest 
> destined to be an ext4 partition
> mkfs.vfat /dev/sda1
> mkswap /dev/sda2
> mkfs.ext4 /dev/sda3
> then had apt install hdparm and busybox-static which hdparm needed.
> hdparm's output
> root@rock64:~# hdparm -tT /dev/sda3
> /dev/sda3:
>  Timing cached reads:   1106 MB in  2.00 seconds = 552.98 MB/sec
>  Timing buffered disk reads: 354 MB in  3.00 seconds = 117.93 MB/sec
> So the alignment must be ok if it gives those speeds. OTOH, they are read 
> speeds too.  Thats where I am ATM.
> The clue was in the sfdisk man page, it automatically works with the 
> disks native sector sizes when using the above syntax, where the comma 
> says start at the earliest AVAILABLE sector in each case. 


> The pi seems much happier now that it has an insane amount of rotating 
> swap, so thats next to setup on this rock64. Maybe the next person with 
> a similar problem will be helped by the above list of what I did.

Hopefully they will be using stretch / sfdisk≥2.26 if they use sfdisk
at all. Its man page on jessie (and earlier) looks horrific.
Glad you got it all sorted.


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