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Re: in /etc/network/interfaces: "auto" vs "allow-hotplug"

On 09/23/2017 08:56 PM, Rick Thomas wrote:
I have two machines (out of a group of ten) that will not bring up their ethernet interface at boot time if the interfaces is of type �allow-hotplug�.  When I change that to �auto� the interface comes up at boot with no problem�

The remaining eight machines have no problem with allow-hotplug. (which is the default as setup by the d-i)

It does not seem to correlate to kernel version.  The two �auto� machines are running 4.12 and 4.9;  The �allow-hotplug� machines are running anything between 3.16 and 4.12.

Nor does it seem to correlate with static vs dhcp.  The two �auto� machines are both using dhcp.  The �allow-hotplug� machines are using a mixture of static and dhcp.

Anybody have a clue as to what�s going on?

Thanks in advance�

Hi, Rick

As you have pointed out, things have changed, have you ran #ifconfig -a
to get the name of your device? I'm thinking the name you are using is not the same name the system is using and why hotplug is not working?
Jimmy Johnson

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