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Re: Debian v9 it's a stretch

It's time.  Can't stand it any longer so Jessie to get reinstalled.

This fresh install of Stretch has given me network problems, slow display to the point of having to wait for a mouse click or wheel movement to take effect along with some other less important changes that needed to be disabled, bypassed or otherwise massaged to work. Comparatively, Jessie was blazingly fast and problem free on the exact same hardware and I don't find any indications of what's holding up the show. Everything just runs slower. I've been using Debian since Hamm and never had issues like this. Up to this point every release has been an improvement.
Stepping back.


On 08/21/2017 03:53 PM, tony mollica wrote:
Thanks for the replies. I'll maybe try another clean install and see what happens.

On 08/21/2017 01:06 PM, Borden Rhodes wrote:
Hey Tony,

I had lots of problems with Stretch when it was in testing. A lot of
packages (KDE, X drivers, and the kernel come immediately to mind)
have manageable but irritating upstream regressions that didn't get
patched or backported in time for the release.

I was very surprised when they released Stretch as I didn't find
anything 'stable' about the packages that I was using. Therefore, I've
stayed on the testing branch where many of the problems are slowly
getting fixed.

In terms of stability, I think Debian is one of the better distros
you'll get. Other distros achieve greater stability but suffer from
MacOS syndrome: the distro works only if you stick to the limited set
of features explicitly designed into the distro. There are
fixed-release-cycle distros like Ubuntu that seem to be perpetually
broken - you report a bug in a release and get told it'll be fixed in
the next release six months from now. Assuming that it's fixed in the
next release, you have a whole new set of bugs to deal with, and the
cycle continues.

In my 13 years of Linux experience, I keep coming back to Debian. It's
not perfect, but it hasn't ruined my life... yet.

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