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Re: Debian v9 it's a stretch

When I started this particular thread I was just interested in whether or not anyone else was experiencing similar performance issues, video, network or otherwise. The answer is clearly, yes.

I like the rather long winded, not-really-to-the-point Chevrolet comparison. Especially since I'm a certified Master Automotive Tech and the Chevy problem would have been fixed, if not re-engineered, to anyone's satisfaction in short order. But as was mentioned, we're not working on Chevies.

I can browse through the logs on occasion looking for problems or inconsistencies and so far found none that match up with odd and annoying performance or configuration issues. I'm also not a developer and have limited time to do this sort of stuff. I've always used Debian (from Hamm) and never had issues that I couldn't resolve, until Stretch, and thought it was worth mentioning. Maybe I posted incorrectly. Should've gone in the Let's Kill the Messenger thread.

Video drivers, most likely.  Jessie's X used an "intel" driver for
Intel graphics chipsets, whereas stretch's X uses a "modeset" driver.

Video, maybe, probably. I've always used the proprietary drivers (Nvidia) thinking that the company engineers probably have better info to do so than others writing code with half the information. Nvidia drivers have alway operated flawlessly for me. Why not now?


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