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Re: Can't find the DNS Servers

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On Tue, Sep 26, 2017 at 09:09:47AM -0400, Greg Wooledge wrote:


> No, you don't understand.  I had no idea that man page EXISTED!
> For years, I have been searching back and forth and up and down in
> dhclient(8) and dhclient.conf(5) and finding NOTHING.
> Turns out the REASON I couldn't find anything was because some bright
> spark decided to split the documentation into multiple man pages.

To be fair, dhclient-script is figures in the output of

  man -k dhclient

And is mentioned several times in the dhclient man page (in the see-also
section, among other things).

> So let's see... I'll assume dhclient(8) is the root of the search
> tree.  This links to dhcpd(8), dhcrelay(8), dhclient-script(8),
> dhclient.conf(5), dhclient.leases(5), dhcp-eval(5).  So now I need
> to open 6 more windows, or 7 total.

Dhclient-script is also ref'd to from dhclient-conf(5). Alas, not in
the "see-also" section (IMHO it should be).

I know this would be preaching to the choir for the ones and lost on
the others -- but do give Emacs' WoMan mode a try. It is Emacs' man
page viewer, and does a good job of making clickable links of all
those embedded refs. Hypertext! (I know, I know: another story started
like this one and isn't ending well, but... ;-)

Don't get me wrong: it happens to me all the time that it's there,
in front of my nose, and I don't see it. I take this as a chance
to ask myself: "how would I have done that, as a writer, to help
my other self? how can I, as a reader, be smarter next time?)

Doumentation Is Hard (TM)

- -- tomás
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