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Re: how to roll back to jessie

Long Wind wrote:
> i had installed jessie a long time agotoday i run command "apt-get update"and "apt-get install ..."a lot of packages upgraded
> then I find that sources.list is pointed to stablewhich means stretchclearly this is not the correct way to upgrade to stretchand some programs do not work
> now i want to go back to jessiewhat should i do? Thanks!

  it is likely more work than worth it.

  why not fix what isn't working?

  the release notes for stretch should cover most of
what has significantly changed.

  if i were in a similar spot i'd consider backing up 
the home directories and setting up a different partition
and installing jessie to that partition (leaving stretch
alone for now).  then as you get time figure out what
needs to be fixed for stretch.

  and next time, you'll know to not blindly say "Y" to
udpates without reading the list of packages first.


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