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Re: how to roll back to jessie

On Sun, Sep 03, 2017 at 10:56:59AM +0000, Long Wind wrote:
> i had installed jessie a long time agotoday i run command "apt-get update"and "apt-get install ..."a lot of packages upgraded
> then I find that sources.list is pointed to stablewhich means stretchclearly this is not the correct way to upgrade to stretchand some programs do not work
> now i want to go back to jessiewhat should i do? Thanks!

In general, this is a very difficult problem.

Your easy options:

. restore from backup


. change from "stable" to "stretch" and do an apt-get
dist-upgrade to bring you all the way into stretch.

All other options are much, much harder. They tend to work when
you have a few packages that you have installed by mistake, and 
not otherwise.


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