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Re: Install on hp-pavilion-g6-2100 stops at 98%

Le 03/09/2017 à 13:38, Brian a écrit :
On Sun 03 Sep 2017 at 02:28:26 +0200, Luis Speciale wrote:

Found the 2 files in (hd0.gpt2) (and others post named as old)
Then I did

	set root=(hd0.gpt2)

And it says nothing, but it complains when I do
linux vmlinuz root=/dev/sda2

Unknown command `linux`

What am I missing (or doing wrong) here?

Thanks again !!!!!

Apologies. Typos.

linux vmlinuz root=/dev/sda2 ---> linux /vmlinuz root=/dev/sda2
initrd initrd                ---> initrd /initrd.img

Unknown command `linux`

(Check that (hd0,gpt2) has initrd.img).


See where this gets you:

Boot the installer from the USB stick. Choose "Advanced options" and
"Rescue mode". Eventually you will be asked for the device to use as
the root file system. On the next page you can choose to reinstall

I don(t see that and not been asked for the device to use
I have

Choose language
Abort the installation


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