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[SOLVED] : Re: Help! jessie -> stretch upgrade problems

D. R. Evans wrote on 09/22/2017 11:42 PM:
> I just upgraded my main desktop system (64-bit) from jessie to stretch, and
> there seems to be several problems, but all probably related and caused by a
> single issue somehow related to the kernel; but I don't have any idea how to
> move forward.

Rebooting a bunch of times (perhaps half a dozen), "solved" the problem, in
that eventually "dpkg --configure -a" executed without failing. Not exactly a
satisfying solution, but I'm a whole lot happier now than I was an hour ago.

Now the biggest problem seems to be that the upgrade usefully removed all the
KDE plasma desktop settings, so I will have to spend a bunch of time tomorrow
trying to get everything back more-or-less as it was.

Other minor issues remain, but google will probably help out.


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