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Re: getting conky transparency to work with different desktops when autostarted

On Sun, Sep 17, 2017 at 03:48:00PM -0400, Gary Dale wrote:
This seems to be a black art, but I wonder if anyone has been able to get this to work consistently.

The computer is running Debian/Stable on an AMD64 system. It's older hardware and I've set it up for someone who speaks Arabic. I've included Plasma 5 because it does the best job with Arabic but also included LXDE because it works noticeably faster on this system. My goal is to use the same .conkrc for both desktops.

I got it to autostart on both using .config/autostart/conky.desktop, which starts conky with the -b -d options.

I'd got conky to work with own_window_transparency = yes when I start it from bash but the same settings produced a black background on both Plasma and LXDE when autostarted with the .desktop file.

When I switched to using own_window_argb_value = 0 (and associated other settings), I got a transparent background in Plasma 5 but not LXDE.

Can anyone offer any advice?

Do both desktops offer compositing?

Compositing is a feature that uses the acceleration capabilities of your graphics card to apply effects to windows before showing them. That is, the traditional behaviour was that a window took up a certain amount of space on the screen and anything behind that was not drawn. But with compositing, all windows are drawn (off-screen) and the resulting appearances are "composed" into the final scene, optionally applying transformations such as alpha-blending (transparency) or even 2D transforms (Compiz's famous wobbly windows).

Try installing and running "compton" (a lightweight composition manager) while conky is running, and see if the transparency effect appears.

For more information, please reread.

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