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Re: An answer to "Gave up waiting for suspend/resume device"

On 09/26/2017 02:25 AM, Pascal Hambourg wrote:
Le 26/09/2017 à 03:55, Jimmy Johnson a écrit :
Hi Mark, while multi-booting I use the device name in fstab,
/dev/sd?? none swap sw 0 0, it works for all my installed systems.

It is not always reliable with multiple drives, because device names are not stable across reboots. So it is advised to use persistent identifiers such as UUID or LABEL instead.

Yes, what you say is true, but not very often and from what I've seen is due to mainboard setup or defects in the mainboard causing the bad setup due to mainboard SATA connection being mislabeled. But if everything is correct and you are using lets say sda1 as root in your fstab your system will use sda1 as the LABEL, I've seen this over and over.

But all this is advanced setup for people running more than one Linux system and having to edit UUID on all systems because you install a new system is undesirable.
Jimmy Johnson

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