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Disable search as you type in Nautilus

Hello everyone,

I've installed a fresh instance of Debian 9.1, and I would say I am pretty happy with it, with one exception that is getting to me, the more I use the "Files" application.

I was used, in any file manager, to be able to select a file/directory by simply typing part of its name. Personally, I believe that it's intuitive, and smarter than search-as-you-type. I mean.. imagine you're in /mnt, and you've got several 2 TB drives mounted there!

Sorry about the rant. I want to ask if anybody has found a way to disable this feature for nautilus ( version 3.22.3) that seems to come with Debian 9.1.

Or, an alternative -- is there anyone who has successfully replaced nautilus with a capable filesystem browser that integrates well with this version of Gnome?

Thanks for any input or suggestions,


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