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Re: Debian v9 it's a stretch

On 08/21/2017 06:00 PM, Ben Finney wrote:
Borden Rhodes <jrvp@bordenrhodes.com> writes:
Interesting. I have 3 machines running Stretch. I originally went from
Wheezy stable to Stretch Testing and let Stretch slide back into stable.
I have had absolutely no problems with stability or speed. Although I do find that there are certain packages that are missing from Stretch.

I was very surprised when they released Stretch as I didn't find
anything 'stable' about the packages that I was using.

My reply was primarily addressing that statement: you were surprised
that Stretch, with the problems you describe, was released.

Borden Rhodes <jrvp@bordenrhodes.com> writes:

Thank you for your response, Ben,

What response did you get to the bug reports you filed from the
problems you encountered?

One example includes an X regression […] To my knowledge, it's still
broken in testing […] (#863532).

Thanks. Do you have an understanding, from that discussion, why that
specific bug remained unresolved in Stretch?

Then there are the issues with the upgrade to KDE 5, which aren't
Debian's fault […] These are all upstream bugs that I've tried to

Are there bug reports in Debian that would show why the package should
not be released with those bugs?

Ironically, both reportbug and reportbug-ng are broken on my system!
The former's GTK interface doesn't load

Sorry to learn that. Does the text-only interface work well enough to
report bugs?

I also ran into an issue […] I just uninstalled them and continued on.

I think you can see from that, why the Debian release team can't be
expected to know that a package is unsuitable for release, if people's
experience with a bug are not recorded in a bug report :-)

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