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Re: Debian v9 it's a stretch

From: ad44@cityscape.co.uk
To: debian-user@lists.debian.org

On Wed 06 Sep 2017 at 14:29:35 -0400, Fungi4All wrote:

> - Hello,
> Is this the Chevrolet users" support group?
> I just bought this new Chevy and I am having all kinds of problems I"ve never had before with a Chevy or any other car for that matter.
> - What problems are you having, because all other owners are happy.
> - Pretty much anything I was used to do is not working or ends up in an error.
> - Are you sure it is a Chevy and not an immitation?
> - Yes I am sure, it is the all new Chevy Corvair, I was told it is the world"s safest car at any speed, even parked in the garage.
> - But you haven"t mentioned what problem you are having.
> - Well, for one, when I hit the brakes hard I end up looking face to face with the truck that was half a mile behind me.
> - What brake pads did you install?
> - I didn"t change any brake pads, it is new I tell you!
> - Well, that"s why, you haven"t changed the pads.
> - What about going around a fast corner and the car steers all by itself?
> - You shouldn"t be going so fast around a bumpy corner.
> - When I hit the gas on the rain the car keeps going straight, even with the wheel turned.
> - Why are you hitting the gas with the wheel turned, you should only use it when going straight.
> - That"s OK, I"ll trade it in for a Ford, I hear people dying in these Corvairs.

You have gone to a lot of trouble to type this. We appreciate it.
Does it answer anything.
Is Chevrolet an OS (Operating System)?

No, but there are similarities.
They are both systems, one is for transportation the other for communication,
which are relatives to each other.  The one developed to relieve the pain of the first.

They are both vehicles.  The later was used for systemd to dominate an industry.

They are/were marketed to the wrong market.  The corvair was not a bad car,
just wasn't meant for people who didn't understand it as being different.  It
was like a Karman-Ghia but with deadlier potential.  And that wasn't presented as
a warning at the time of marriage.  If you don't know what you are doing you should
either leave everything else you are doing in life and learn or you are going to crash.
Debian too, is developing with the market of enterprise in its secret mind, but allowed
people to believe that it is a system for single user personal computing.  WRONG!

The customer support (this list/or the Chevy sales dept) have the same nasty
attitude.  Every time the customer complains of something the "experts" instead
of trying to see what the problem really is they are trying to locate unique
individual excuses of what the customer did wrong with their fine product.
At least the ones that survived to ask a question get this treatment.

Whether you have a new pc or an old pc it makes no difference.
"It is unsafe at any speed"

Now do you see the resemblance?

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