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Re: Finding the appropriate manpage [Re: Can't find the DNS Servers]

On 2017-09-27, Lck Ras <likcoras@riseup.net> wrote:
> On 09/27/2017 06:16 AM, Don Armstrong wrote:
>> In almost every case, if you don't know the right man page, apropos (or
>> man -k) will help you find it. If that's not good enough, man -K
>> dhclient will eventually find all of them.
>> dhclient (8)         - Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Client
>> dhclient-script (8)  - DHCP client network configuration script
>> dhclient.conf (5)    - DHCP client configuration file
>> dhclient.leases (5)  - DHCP client lease database
> Plus the dhclient(8) manpage lists other related manuals in its SEE ALSO
> section:
>        dhcpd(8),  dhcrelay(8),  dhclient-script(8),  dhclient.conf(5),
>        dhclient.leases(5), dhcp-eval(5).

Plus there is a new thing in town called the Internet, an extensive
respository of searchable knowledge (as well as invidious horseshit).

I put 'dhclient resolv.conf' into the Evil Search Engine (TM) and the very
first hit spoke of the very dhclient-script hookerino suggested by D.

For kicks, I just put the following search terms in the search engine
mentioned above, in plain English:

 how do you prevent dhclient from modifying resolv.conf

First hit, third post in the thread, D. Armstrong's hookerino:


Put me down as unconvinced (by anything--I know, I know, this has
nothing to do with man pages, but if 'they' can change the subject in
mid-stream, why can't I--though I didn't, I mean up there)?

"A simpering Bambi narcissist and a thieving, fanatical Albanian dwarf."
Christopher Hitchens, commenting shortly after the nearly concurrent deaths 
of Lady Diana and Mother Theresa.

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