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Re: [Solved] youtube error msg & html5

On Tue, 12 Sep 2017 10:57:38 -0400
Whit Hansell <skipper44@comcast.net> wrote:

> For grins, I tried restarting  Firefox w/o plugins.  Then went to 
> youtube and tried a video.  Worked perfectly.  So knew it was a plug-in. 
>   Turned out to be "You tube flashplayer - html5."  disabled it and 
> Voila' it worked.

Thanks for letting us know (I was guessing you had a plugin or extension that disabled vital Google Javascript).

But I'd never heard of "Youtube Flash Player - HTML5". nor did its name make any sense, so - fearing you may have been tricked into installing malware - I went off googling.  And now I'm really baffled: it's apparently a "lightweight Flash player" dedicated to the single task of viewing Youtube videos, for use when the browser's HTML5 capabilities are not up to the job of running YT's HTML5 player - but this lightweight Flash player *needs* Adobe's full Flash Player to be installed in order to work.  So what's the advantage of the lightweight "shim" ???!?  You might just as well stick to using the Adobe Flash Player to both watch YT videos and turn your PC into a playground for Bad Guys :)

I's be interested in any explanation of this curious situation that anyone may be able to offer.

Never FDISK after midnight.

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