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How to Turn Off Autodiscovered Printers in Firefox?

So when I go to select a printer in Firefox, there are many autodiscovered printers to choose from. I don't want any of them in my list. How do I turn this off?

I found the two "browse" options in /etc/cups/cupsd.conf, but they make no difference. I found /etc/cups/cups-browsed, but killing that daemon makes no difference. In fact, killing CUPS altogether makes no difference (except my desired printer then goes away), so obviously this isn't a CUPS thing.

Then I discovered Avahi (and had to go into learning mode - apparently this is also known as "Bonjour" and "Rendevous" and "ZeroConf", depending on OS and version and situation). The most obvious tweaks in /"etc/avahi/avahi-daemon.conf", the two "disable-publishing..." options, don't do anything.

But I can "systemctl disable avahi-daemon" altogether to get rid of the unwanted printers. But that seems like overkill, and disables all of Avahi's function (I was pleased to learn I can find non-Windows clients on our mostly-Windows-oriented network using Avahi, just by adding ".local" to the hostname - ex. "ping bigserver" fails, but "ping bigserver.local" gets replies - sweet!).

So, any one know how to tell Avahi to not publish found printers to Firefox's print dialog?


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