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Re: Computer friendly blood pressure?

On 08/30/2017 02:33 PM, Wilko Fokken wrote:
On Tue, Aug 29, 2017 at 07:44:07AM -0500, Richard Owlett wrote:
For sometime I've been causally looking for a blood pressure cuff with
communication capability that does NOT require a "smart" phone [be
it Apple or Android].

A recent hospital stay prompts me to more actively look.

I currently have a wrist cuff type with memory but no communication
Preferred solutions would be something that:
 uses the same removable media as digital cameras.
 has USB connectivity
Bluetooth or WiFi connectivity would be acceptable.

Already written Linux apps a plus.

Any suggestions/comments?

Thank you.


for my own blood pressure control, I wrote a shell script that serves
me well.

[I get my data through a simple, but fairly precise wrist cuff device
 without capability of saving my data.]

Thank you for the script.
My doctor is revising how many and when he wants me to check.
For some of them my computer will not be conveniently available.
Also I don't have confidence in me transcribing data accurately.

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