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Re: Install Debian 9.1 stretch on Pentium II system: pata_hpt3x2n required?

Le 05/09/2017 à 11:34, David Max a écrit :
> Hello
> I am attempting to install Debian 9.1 stretch on an old Pentium II system.
> Setup --
> cpu Pentium II 400 MHz
> ram 512 MB
> video card ATI RAGE IIC AGP
> hdd #1 6.8 GB Fujitsu (with Windows installed, also a 1GB Linux swap
> partition)
> hdd #2 80 GB Seagate, attached to Highpoint 133SB Rocket Raid (PCI) card
> Install process goes well until the stage of searching for disks. Then
> the first disk is detected fine, but 2nd doesn't show up.
> If I pause the installation sequence at disk detection, driver
> pata_hpt37x is shown by lsmod. lspci shows the Highpoint card as "RAID
> bus controller HighPoint Technologies, Inc. HPT302/302N (rev 02)".
> As some background, Knoppix 7.2.0 installs okay on the Seagate drive but
> I seem to have broken it by upgrading some packages (and removing
> libreoffice). On boot, Knoppix complains that graphics cannot be
> initialised, I think because package xserver-xorg-video-ati has been
> unpacked but not installed (i.e., on the Knoppix hdd installation). 
> The aim is to see if this old machine can take on a new life as a
> router. Traffic rates through it are adequate for current needs. If
> Debian install can be completed, I will switch to LXDE for the desktop
> (quite lightweight as I understand).
> If Debian can be installed Knoppix will be replaced but the old Windows
> install on hdd #1 will be retained.
> After a little research, I believe a driver pata_hpt3x2n might be required? 
> All help gratefully received.
> David Max

didier@hp-dm1:~$ grep -i hpt /boot/config*
# CONFIG_PATA_HPT3X2N is not set
# CONFIG_PATA_HPT3X3 is not set

It seems you have at least to declare the driver either built-in (=y) or
as a module (=m) and rebuild the kernel

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