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Re: how to roll back to jessie

On 09/03/2017 03:56 AM, Long Wind wrote:
i had installed jessie a long time agotoday i run command "apt-get update"and "apt-get install ..."a lot of packages upgraded
then I find that sources.list is pointed to stablewhich means stretchclearly this is not the correct way to upgrade to stretchand some programs do not work
now i want to go back to jessiewhat should i do? Thanks!
What I would do is use another system and as root show hidden system files, copy fstab to home, delete all system files leaving home, as user delete system files in home including hidden. I leave mail and browser files, your choice what you want to leave. Using a net-install including non-free-firmware I do a core install, using the same file system and do not format, reboot the system and apt install what I need and then setup my desktop. That's what I would do.

Jimmy Johnson

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