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Re: Debian v9 it's a stretch

On Wed, Sep 06, 2017 at 09:18:04AM -0700, tony mollica wrote:
> It's time.  Can't stand it any longer so Jessie to get reinstalled.
> This fresh install of Stretch has given me network problems, slow display to
> the point of having to wait for a mouse click or wheel movement to take
> effect along with some other less important changes that needed to be
> disabled, bypassed or otherwise massaged to work. Comparatively, Jessie was
> blazingly fast and problem free on the exact same hardware and I don't find
> any indications of what's holding up the show.  Everything just runs slower.
> I've been using Debian since Hamm and never had issues like this.  Up to
> this point every release has been an improvement.
> Stepping back.

That's fascinating because I found the opposite -- my circa-2009 
self-built Intel Core i7 920-based machine surged ahead when I upgraded 
from jessie to stretch -- really felt like everything was that little 
bit more alive. I'd had no complaints about jessie performance but 
suddenly everything was that bit nippier.

I use Gnome if that is anything to do with anything. I also have a 
decent loadout of RAM -- 24GB -- and I have no metrics of how much 
memory OS is using for example, between jessie and stretch. Perhaps that 
is a factor.

This installation, when it was jessie, was itself an upgrade from 
wheezy, so not a particularly clean install. I've been a Debian user 
since 1995, I built this machine in 2009 and installed whichever came 
first of etch and squeeze on it. When wheezy was testing, I did a 
re-install, possibly after a disk failure following the 2011 Great Kanto 
Earthquake which one of my hard disks didn't enjoy, and then wheezy got 
upgraded to jessie when jessie was testing, then I sat on jessie until 
stretch became stable.

Sure I had some small issues with the upgrade, but in general they were 
relatively minor compared to the "good old days" and as I say, 
performance over here is great.

That probably doesn't help you much, but let the record show that 
stretch does work great for at least some people...


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