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Re: Install on hp-pavilion-g6-2100 stops at 98%


(somehow my mail download is lagging behind today, so i am out of sync a bit)

Luis Speciale wrote:
> My bad it's x86_64-efi

There goes the theory of some typo in some rarely visited corner of the code.

> Now I think that it's linux.mod my problem, I can't see where it is

Consider to boot some Live-Linux and use that for inspecting the hard
disk to which you installed nearly succeddfully.
or the variant with "cinnamon", "gnome", "kde", "lxde", or "mate"
instead of "xfce". (Why ain't there no "fvwm2" ? Are we old people ignored ?)

To be put on USB stick like the installation ISOs.
Use the MacOS way. What you did in MS-Windows is not known yet and
it seems to have yielded a different result.

(It may be that the GRUB installation unpacks the file from some
 archive which it has at backpack. Then you can search long and in vain.)

> thaks for the answer

You are welcome. Listen especially to Pascal's advice. My expert knowledge
ends when the firmware has found the boot loader of the ISO. From then on
i can mainly contribute bystander knowledge.

Have a nice day :)


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