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Re: Debian v9 it's a stretch

-  Hello,
Is this the Chevrolet users' support group?
I just bought this new Chevy and I am having all kinds of problems I've never had before with a Chevy or any other car for that matter.
-  What problems are you having, because all other owners are happy.
-  Pretty much anything I was used to do is not working or ends up in an error.
-  Are you sure it is a Chevy and not an immitation?
-  Yes I am sure, it is the all new Chevy Corvair, I was told it is the world's safest car at any speed, even parked in the garage.
-  But you haven't mentioned what problem you are having.
-  Well, for one, when I hit the brakes hard I end up looking face to face with the truck that was half a mile behind me.
-  What brake pads did you install?
-  I didn't change any brake pads, it is new I tell you!
-  Well, that's why, you haven't changed the pads.
-  What about going around a fast corner and the car steers all by itself?
-  You shouldn't be going so fast around a bumpy corner.
-  When I hit the gas on the rain the car keeps going straight, even with the wheel turned.
-  Why are you hitting the gas with the wheel turned, you should only use it when going straight.
-  That's OK, I'll trade it in for a Ford, I hear people dying in these Corvairs.

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