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Re: I just installed "tomcat8" and "tomcat8-admin" on a Debian 8.9 box, via an apt-get

On 8/31/17, 8:32 PM, davidson@freevolt.org wrote:
Have you added the jessie-backports repository to your
/etc/apt/sources.list yet?

There's a how-to for that here, along with other information you might
like to know:


Thanks, "davidson@freevolt.org."

That solved the problem. Both on the local box I'm in the process of reconfiguring as a Debian server, and on our Google Cloud server.

And my apologies to the List for my Friday repost of my question after it had already been answered: I've got half a dozen lists pouring traffic into my work email address, and once in a while, things get thrown out by mistake. Just last month, I threw out something from my boss (and if I remember right, it was also a direct reply to a question I'd asked).


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