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Re: Debian Stretch doesn't boot without Monitor

I was not able to solve the problem properly, so I made a workaround  by
using a EDID VGA-Adapter(Lindy EDID/DDC Adapter for VGA-Displays) .

On 2017-08-21 11:02, Wolfgang wrote:
> Hi,
> I have an embedded device(/small pc) and I want to run Debian Stretch on
> it. But I am experiencing a strange problem: it doesn't boot without
> monitor. I created the following cronjob to verify if its
> up'n'running(or not):
> @reboot root beep -f 300.7 -r 2 -d 100 -l 400
> My first guess was: some weird BIOS-Setting. But I didn't find any weird
> BIOS-setting. So I tried to run a different OS, and it booted up correctly.
> I also tried to use the Debian-Stretch-Disk on another hardware and it
> boots even without a monitor. The problem seems to be a related with my
> hardware.
> The device has intel-graphics: i915
> I installed(without success) the following firmware/microcode:
> firmware-amd-graphics
> firmware-linux
> firmware-linux-free
> firmware-linux-nonfree
> firmware-misc-nonfree
> amd64-microcode
> intel-microcode
> Does anyone have a clue?
> Thanks in advance
> Wolfgang

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