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Re: granting permission for using debian name in education purpose

On 13/09/17 17:07, debian wrote:
Dear Sir
I, pawan pandey (Asst. Professor in CSE),user of linux and open source
software and of course debian user for last 10 years want to know  that
would   i use debian name in my education project for  school students
as per my hobby ....is there need of any no objection certificate
regarding this from your side. I would also like to express my linux
ability through debian to students .................
pawan pandey

Please read the Debian trademark policy:

"When You Can NEVER Use the Debian Trademarks Without Asking Permission [...] 2. You cannot use Debian trademarks in a company or organization name or as the name of a product or service."

See the "Permission To Use" section for instructions on how to submit an email request for how to use the Debian trademark:

"[...] email to trademark@debian.org with subject "Trademark Use Request"; be sure to include the following information in the body of your message:
    Name of the User
    Name of the organization/project
    Purpose of Use (commercial/non-commercial)
    Nature of Use"

Note that I am not a representative of Debian, just a Debian user. To obtain permission, you must follow the steps in the trademark policy.

Kind regards,

Ben Caradoc-Davies <ben@transient.nz>
Transient Software Limited <http://transient.nz/>
New Zealand

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