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Debian v9 it's a stretch

Been off the mailing list for a short time but I found something that's probably common knowledge by now, but I'll post it anyway.

After a fresh install of Stretch my networking, especially my wifi networking, took a turn for the worse, neither NM nor wicd working to any degree of connection reliablility. There were some other problems, too.

Aftera another fresh install to a new hdd with all the mods I like in place (nvidia) and a new motherboard, processor (4.5Ghz FX) and video the network problems persist. BUT, found one email to a list that indicated the problem was likely the persistent network naming being incompatible (read 'names too long') with some of the firmware/drivers, especially for USB wifi adapters.

Killed the persistent network interface naming and all the network stuff now works perfectly.

If the 'old' naming conventions are going away with Debian 10 then maybe someone should let the driver folks know this, if not already.


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