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Re: hibernate uses a wrong UUID

Am 09.09.2017 um 18:50 schrieb Pierre Frenkiel:
> I have this in /etc/initramfs-tools/conf.d/resume
>     RESUME=UUID=42b1dc3e-6206-4bd5-9eb4-76e97f94cd65
> which is actually the UUID of the swap partition.
> and after pm-hibernate and reboot, I find in syslog:
>    PM: Checking hibernation image partition
> /dev/disk/by-uuid/2fff8fc5-d304-418f-8d5c-c0ae12b23ac2
> and then, of course, "image not found" (no partition has this UUID)
> Can anybody explain that?

Outdated initramfs?
After modifying /etc/initramfs-tools/conf.d/resume you need to run

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