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Re: Debian 9.1.0

On Thu, Sep 28, 2017 at 07:41:42PM +0530, Sumit Jain wrote:
> While I was installing sudo in Debian it is not getting installed . It
> shows that media change please insert the disc labelled.

You have configured your system to look for packages on a CD or

The configuration is in /etc/apt/  in the sources.list file or
the sources.list.d directory.

You must configure at least one reachable apt repository to get
this to work.

For example:

deb http://ftp.us.debian.org/debian/ stretch main contrib non-free
deb http://ftp.us.debian.org/debian/ stretch-updates main contrib non-free
deb http://security.debian.org/ stretch/updates main


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